Monday, April 15, 2013

When walking just won't do.... getting around town in Pearl Lagoon.

Pearl Lagoon is a small community. It really is possible to walk from one end of  town to the other in about 15 minutes. Walking is a nice way to get to know everyone and for them to meet you. However, there are times when walking is out of the question - it's too hot/raining, you have a load of groceries to carry, you are heading to Haulover, Raitipura or Awas, or you are simply in a hurry. For times like these you will be happy to know that there are alternatives. If you don't have a set of wheels yourself (i.e. a bike) you can flag down the moto taxi, truck taxi or the collectivo van. I haven't seen the truck or the van on the road to Raitipura and Awas, so I suspect that if you are heading in that direction you will need to flag down the moto taxi. The cost for a ride is 10 cordobas per person and they will drop you where you want to go.

Moto taxi - Pearl Lagoon

Truck taxi - Pearl Lagoon

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Coconut Delights Bakery - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

This small family owned bakery has been in business for 15 years. Byron and his wife Elicia have been serving up smiles along with delicious bread, buns, patties and various treats for the past 13 years.

We have quickly become addicted to their excellent fresh bread and buns and we can't resist returning regularly for their sweets.

There is a small sitting area if you choose to eat your snack in house along with a cup of coffee (sadly, like most parts of Nicaragua, it is instant) or you can take it home to enjoy with your loved ones - human and feathered! Pancho gets really excited when we come home with a bag of fresh picos!

The Coconut Delights Bakery is found on Front Street - just steps away from the Municipal Wharf. Stop by to see them Monday to Saturday between 7:30 am to 8:00 pm. In true Caribbean style they have a "sometimes" schedule on Sunday afternoons (or evening as they say it here)....

Fruit Cake - Coconut Delights Bakery

Patties - Coconut Delights Bakery

Marshmallow Cake - Coconut Delights Bakery

Spice Loaves - Coconut Delights Bakery

cookies - Coconut Delights Bakery

Coconut Delights Bakery - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

Byron and Elicia

Whichever treat you decide on - sit back, relax and enjoy!

Toto's from Coconut Delights Bakery

Pancho gives Coconut Delights 1 beak up!

Pancho enjoying a treat from Coconut Delights

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paying your water and electricity bills in Pearl Lagoon

Electricity statement
It is surprising how quickly time passes here in Pearl Lagoon and with the passage of time comes our utility statements - water and lights. Considering how small Pearl Lagoon is we were surprised at how long it takes to receive the statements because the ones we received actually were payable by the previous tenant - so check the dates very carefully. Since we know the previous tenant it was easy for us to get the money that was owing for the bills however, make sure that you are clear with your landlord that you are only responsible for the electricity and water that you consume.

So - where do you pay your electricity bill?  Surprisingly, there is no signage to indicate where the office is located. By asking around we found out that the office is located in a house on the Main Street (the one that the bus comes in on) one block north of the Moravian Church. The house is currently painted pink and if you look at the picture carefully you will see that there are some notices posted on the wall outside.

House where you pay your electricity bill

water statement

It is easier to find out where to pay for your water bill since it is owing to the Municipality. They have an office on Front Street (the street where the municipal wharf is located). It is also located one block north of the Moravian Church.

Municipal offices for Pearl Lagoon