Thursday, May 9, 2013

A trip to the Health Clinic in Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

Well, it finally happened. After a year of life here in Nicaragua one of us had to take a trip to see the doctor. Pat developed a "rash" that wouldn't go away and after suffering with it for a few weeks he finally decided to see a doctor. There are no private facilities to see a doctor here in Pearl Lagoon - only what is known as "The Clinic". The Clinic is a large green building that offers general medical care as well as overnight and simple emergency services. If you have a "major" problem you are sent to Bluefields or another facility that has the ability to assist you with your problem.

Rash that sent Pat to the doctors

Front entrance to the Clinic

Pat arrived at the Clinic about 3 pm and signed in with a lady who we assume was the "receptionist". She asked a few questions (in English) but seemed to be disinterested - we assume she might have been on a break. A short while later the nurse arrived and asked some more questions about the rash, took down particulars about age, where he lives and examined the "rash" (the nurse only spoke Spanish).

Inside the "Clinic"
In no time at all the Nurse was back followed by an English speaking Doctor. They brought along a couple of tubes of cream, some anti-histamine pills as well as a vial of anti-histamine that they administered intravenously. Pat was told to wait for 10 minutes to make sure that he didn't have a reaction to the medicine and then he was sent on his way. How much did this trip to the doctor cost??? Absolutely nothing - not even for the medicine.