Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Las Galerías Mall - Managua, Nicaragua

When we were in Managua earlier this month we had a few hours to kill until the 9 pm bus to El Rama. We decided that we were in need of a few things and rather than visit the Metrocentro Mall we thought we would check out another shopping center in Managua that we had heard about - Las Galerías Mall.

Las Galerías is a modern, two-level shopping center with almost every store imaginable - or at least so it seemed to those of us who haven't seen a mall in months. There is also a nice selection of restaurants besides the fast food options found in the food court. Outside of the mall but on the same property is a very large La Colonia grocery store which was a big hit with us since we don't even have a small Palí in Pearl Lagoon.

View from the upper level - Las Galerías Mall

Second level kiosk - Las Galerías Mall
Scattered throughout the Mall were a number of sitting areas where you can relax and read a book while you are waiting for your companions to finish shopping or to just sit and chat with some friends.

Some favorites are in the food court - Las Galerías Mall - Managua

TVs and wifi is available in the food court - Las Galerías Mall, Managua

One of the hits with us was a large kitchenware store called Alke Tiendas - it has everything you could ever want for your kitchen and excellent quality too!

Alke Tiendas

Las Galerías Mall - Managua Nicaragua

Do you have the kids with you? Well there is plenty of distraction for them too including this train that is driven around the lower level.

The bigger kids can enjoy the Cafe Flor de Caña where you can have a virtual tour from your seat.

The most enjoyable part of the day was spending a couple of hours in the modern cinemas watching a movie. The theatre was virtually empty with comfy chairs and cool temperatures and the show was shown in English. You will find the Cinemas on the upper level near all the restaurants (it suggests dinner and a movie for a nice evening out).

We ended our day at Las Galerías Mall with dinner at Buffalo Wings Restaurant with some yummy hand cut chicken fingers with sauce and fries - oh, and of course a Toña to wash it down.