Friday, May 17, 2013

Living in a community where there is no vet.

Pancho's injured head
Almost all my life I've had pets. I can think of only a few times when there wasn't some cat or dog to step over and to take care of.  When we moved to Nicaragua we didn't have a pet to care for until Pancho came into our lives - keeping birds was a totally foreign idea to me. Who knew that birds had such personalities! He has quite grown on us and we are trying to take care of him the best we can.

It was very upsetting for us to come home and find out that he had experienced some kind of accident - he has lost part of his scalp along with the feathers. It is a total mystery how this came about and he isn't able to tell us what happened. If we were back in Canada, or even still living in León we would have rushed him to the vet to be taken care of - or at least to be advised what we should do for him. However, here in Pearl Lagoon, there are no vets to check him out. Instead, we have had to rely on advice from friends who have had experience in looking after all kinds of different situations with animals. Most people here "doctor" their own animals to the best of their ability.

A local dog with what looks like mange
In Pearl Lagoon you will notice many dogs, cats, horses as well as other livestock roaming around the streets. It is very obvious which ones are well cared for as well as those that aren't. Many animals are left to fend for themselves in the food department and so you see many undernourished animals. Also, many of the dogs down by the waterfront seem to have mange and it's best not to pet them. We've been told that there are some vets that visit Pearl Lagoon about once a year to care for the animals and to give shots etc. - obviously not often enough for this community. We have seen one dog that some time in the past broke it's leg and the bone was never set. It's uncomfortable to watch it walk around with the bone wobbling about in the skin. However, the pain seems to be long gone and the dog trots along unconcerned.

Having a pet in Pearl Lagoon can be a real challenge.  However, it is still as enjoyable as when we lived in Canada. As for Pancho and his "bald" head - we continue to watch him closely. He seems to have recovered from whatever happened to him, although we doubt he will ever have feathers on his head again.

Our neighbours dogs that are well looked after

Puppy - Pearl Lagoon

Pig - Pearl Lagoon