Saturday, May 25, 2013

Map of Pearl Lagoon Tourist Services & Attractions

Many have wondered how the village of Pearl Lagoon is laid out. This map gives a fairly good idea with the main roads marked in light green, sidewalks are noted in orange and footpaths are in dark green. The main roads are wide enough for cars to travel along but may not be paved. You will find homes along all roads, sidewalks and footpaths. You will also find more houses tucked in behind the ones that are directly along the pathways sometimes 2 or 3 deep. Many little shops for groceries and clothing are found all throughout the village - usually in the front part of peoples homes and are not noted on the map. There is no main grocery store - not even a little Palí - so you now you are supporting the families of Pearl Lagoon when you go shopping.

Photo of a map located in the Queen Lobster Restaurant - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua