Saturday, May 11, 2013

New wiring and graded roads for Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

The past few weeks have been a challenge living here in Pearl Lagoon. There have been very frequent power and water outages. It has been hard to get even some of the most basic things done - especially laundry. Power and water outages seem to go hand in hand - if the lights go out you know that the water will go out shortly afterwards. The laundry could be done in the pila but I've never learned to do laundry by hand and so we wait for the power and water to come back on. Sometimes it takes a whole day just for one load to go through the whole cycle....

The upside of the situation is that they are in the process of updating all the electrical wires and when they are finished we are supposed to have better service with less outages.

Men working on the electrical wiring - Pearl Lagoon

Completed installation of the meters - Pearl Lagoon

Road maintenance is also in progress right now with large graders working on the waterfront road down by the Police Station towards the cemetery. We aren't sure at this point whether or not they are planning on paving or stoning the road but hope that the finished project is an improvement from the previous dirt road.

Graders on Front Street near the Police Station - Pearl Lagoon

Roadworks on Front Street - Pearl Lagoon