Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Awww, the pleasure of a HOT shower!

Lorenzetti Electric Shower
You don't know how wonderful it is to feel the warm spray from a shower head until you have spent months of mornings under a cold water stream! When we lived in León we honestly didn't mind not having hot water in the shower - the water never seemed to be too cold. However, when we moved to Pearl Lagoon that opinion changed - the water is really cold at 6 am.

On our first trip to Nicaragua we had stayed at a bed and breakfast in Granada called Casa Silas. It was here that we were introduced to what is affectionately called a suicide shower (not by the manufacturer of course). The water is heated up as it runs through the electric shower head. We were warned not to change the settings while the shower was running - you could get a "shock". There are three settings - cold, lukewarm and hot. After experiencing a "cold spell" in Pearl Lagoon we decided that we wanted the luxury of hot water showers in the morning - so the search was on for a suicide shower head!

We were told that the Lorenzetti brand was the best and that it could easily be purchased in El Rama or Managua. So, on our last trip to Managua we visited a local Ferreteria (hardware store) and found one in stock. Once we got home to Pearl Lagoon we wasted no time in getting it installed. Pat is happy to report that no longer are there shrieks coming from the bathroom at 6 am - unless of course some bug decides to make an entrance!

Our installed Lorenzetti Shower Head