Monday, June 3, 2013

Buying meat in Pearl Lagoon

Preparing to weigh the meat
Our habits haven't changed since we have moved to Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - we like to have some meat with our meals. There is no butcher, meat market or supermarket where you can buy fresh, refrigerated meat - but that doesn't mean that fresh meat isn't available.

Quite frequently one of the residents with butcher a cow. When this happens the news spreads fairly quickly. Sometimes they hire our local "announcer" to go through the town letting people know that "a fresh, young cow was slaughtered today and you can get some meat at so-and-so's house". On other occasions the meat is put into a wheelbarrow and wheeled around the various barrios for people to buy - just like what you see in the picture. The vendors of the meat bring along a hand-held scale and measure out the requested amount of meat. The turtle meat pictured was sold for 20 cordobas or less than $1 per lb. The meat is usually sold out quite quickly - before the heat of the day has a chance to spoil it.

Fresh Turtle meat for sale

Frozen ground meat (ground beef) is trucked into town about once a week. There are quite a few little shops that sell it - usually for 35 cordobas (less than $1.50 CDN) per package of 1 lb. The shops can also buy frozen Tip Top chicken in the same way. A package of chicken breast sells for 32 cordobas (approx. $1.35 CDN). A word of caution: most of these little shops do not have a generator. Therefore, when there is a long power outage some of the meat may spoil. We have been unfortunate as to buy spoiled ground meat - happily, the shop owner did replace the rotten meat.

Frozen ground beef (ground meat as they call it here)