Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Is there internet in Pearl Lagoon?

Internet stick
Many people today like to stay connected through the internet even when they are on vacation. We've had a number of questions as to whether or not we have internet available here in Pearl Lagoon and if we do - how reliable is it, how fast, how much does it cost etc.?

We are happy to report that YES internet is available. While on vacation many folks like the handy, portable modem that is offered through Claro. It's small and you can easily add more time (recarga) through your local pulperia - no standing in long lines at the Claro office. You have to buy the modem for about $25.00 and it comes with 7 days worth of connectivity. We find that the modem is reliable here in Pearl Lagoon because even when the power goes out you still are able to connect to the internet (at least as long as your battery on your computer lasts). You can find the information about Claro Internet Móvil listed here: prepago (just click on the prepago tab).

Taylor's Cyber
For those of you that left your computer at home you can still be connected with your loved ones by using one of our two Cybers.

Taylor's Cyber is located on Front street just 30 meters north of the Municipal Dock. They have 8 terminals available to use and the cost is only 10 cordobas for a 1/2 hour.  At Taylor's Cyber you can also make international phone calls, scan documents, photocopy and get your computer fixed if needed. For those of you that are looking for a better option than the Claro modem, Taylor's Cyber can set you up in your house with unlimited internet by use of a canopy - just talk with Rodney and he will make arrangements for the installation. You can contact Rodney by calling: (505) 8859-5432 or email: rltjackson05@hotmail.com.

The second cyber in Pearl Lagoon is located on the Main Street (the street the bus comes into town on) just beside M&T Moto Rental. They have 6 terminals and also charge 10 cordobas per 1/2 hour. They provide a number of other services too such as photocopying, scanning documents, printing and burning CD's - see their price list below.

Cyber JN&DKERR.COM price list