Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pancho, our chocoyo, getting ready for bed.

We've had a number of people express how "intelligent" they think Pancho is. Well, of course, we think he's pretty smart too - but we might be a bit biased. Tonight, we set out to capture Pancho's bedtime routine. He always follows the same pattern. He jumps down from his daytime cage, walks across the floor to the bookcase where his "nighty-night" cage is, climbs the towel up to the cage and then slips under the covers and climbs onto his perch - all tucked in for the night.

Tonight should have been no exception - however, it turns out that our little bird is a little camera shy and he didn't like the "paparazzi" following him. Take a look at what happened earlier in the taping of this movie: