Saturday, June 29, 2013

Who left the school gate open?

Horse leaving the classroom
If you have been following our Facebook page you will know that we have taken pictures of horses that we have found around town.  There is at least one if not two herds of these horses that roam around town. You will find them almost anywhere and anytime. From what I understand, it is illegal for these horses to be roaming free in this manner and the owners (if they can be identified) can be fined and made to tie the horse up on their property or to send them to the family farm.

Today, a friend and I were walking past the public school and were admiring a dog that had been tied up in the yard. Suddenly, my companion started laughing and said that the horses were in one of the classrooms - "Too bad I don't have my camera", she said.

Ahh, but I had mine..... can you count how many are inside?

When they knew they had been busted they made a quick getaway!

So, all in all, there were 5 horses that had been holed up in the classroom. Fortunately, they didn't leave any of the students "presents" to find on Monday morning. Later in the afternoon this same herd were happily chomping the grass on someone's  front lawn waiting to be able to sneak back into the schoolyard for the night.