Saturday, July 13, 2013

8 Must try eats in Pearl Lagoon

There are many new and delicious foods to try here on the Atlantic Coast. Coconuts are plentiful and therefore you will find coconut in many foods. The oil of coconuts is also delicious and is used in many recipes which gives the food a unique taste.

While you are in Pearl Lagoon be sure to try some of the following:

coconut curry fish with shrimp - Casa Ulrich

1.  Coconut tarts from the Coconuts Delight Bakery.

2.  Fresh picos are available almost everywhere and sometimes are even sold door to door. Picos are a mixture of sugar, cheese and spices wrapped in dough. Our favorites are found in the blue house on the last east/west street closest to The Point. They usually sell for only 5 cords.

3.  Patties - these too can be found at the Coconuts Delight Bakery but they are most commonly sold on the street. Often you will see someone carrying a basket calling out "patties". Patties make a tasty, inexpensive snack.

4.  Don't miss out on a fresh fish or shrimp dinner at Casa Ulrich. My favorite was a fish cooked in a coconut curry sauce with shrimp - truly delicious!
roast turtle meat (only when in season)

5.  Fresh, hot out of the oven coconut bread by Miss Tina. You can't miss her little home bakery if you are on the road between the Concha and the hotel Casa Blanca between 7 - 7:30 pm (Miss Tina is about 1/2 way on the street and you will find her house in behind the small store) - just follow the wonderful smell of baking bread. If you can't find it - just ask!

6.  In the mood for chicken? The Queen Lobster has a Pollo Frito that's not to be missed. Not only is the price budget friendly at 60 cords but you get a huge plate of fried chicken with plantain strips and fresh cabbage salad.

7.  Try fresh turtle meat (when in season). We were invited to a friends house and tried it made in two ways - in Rondon and the roasted turtle back. We preferred the meat roasted - nice and spicy and delicious with a side of cassava (called yucca on the Pacific coast).
    8.  Finally, don't miss out on Miss Yaya's fresh baked cakes. She is well known in town and is frequently found selling her "cake of the day" - chocolate, vanilla, carrot or banana. Our favorite is the banana cake - simply irresistible!

    Pancho took no time in devouring his pico! (ok - only part of one)