Saturday, July 27, 2013

Delicious food delivered right to your door.

Miss Yaya with Banana Cake
There aren't very many job opportunities in Pearl Lagoon and many families have to be very enterprising when it comes to earning a living.

 Many families earn their living by the sea, others take advantage of the tourism opportunities there are in town and work at one of the hotels or restaurants but for others they decide to take a different route. They put their cooking skills to good use and make food to sell in order to earn their livelihood.

Miss Yaya and her daughter Jean are only one example. They can frequently be found selling delicious pieces of cake (banana is our favorite), rice pudding or in the summer season flavored shaved ice. Miss Yaya is often called upon to make cakes for special occasions.

Less frequently Miss Yaya and Jean will make an entree such as Chicken Fried Rice or Chop Suey. They usually "pre-sell" these meals buy making tickets and keeping track of how many meals are required. On the "cooking day" the meal is usually ready by 12 noon and you can pickup and pay for the meal at their home or it will be delivered to your door.

Their prices are very reasonable too - only 20 cords for a piece of cake and 10 cords for Rice Pudding. If you have decided to try one of their meals they usually cost only 60 cords - a nice economical meal.

Rice Pudding

Chop Suey by Miss Yaya and Jean