Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How are the road improvements coming along in Pearl Lagoon?

bricking the road near the basketball court
Long gone are the days when the pathways of Pearl Lagoon were covered with a nice thick carpet of grass. With progress - for example the road from El Rama to Pearl Lagoon - there are always changes. The few roads in Pearl Lagoon that had been built for the cars and trucks to drive on certainly weren't adequate to cope with the changing seasons. They were dry and dusty when there was no rain and they were wet and muddy in the rainy season. Improvements definitely were needed.

A few weeks ago, as we were heading to El Rama, we were passed by a convoy of transport trucks loaded down with interlocking bricks. We speculated that the bricks were headed to Pearl Lagoon. After all, there are few towns along the way and there had been rumors that the roads in Pearl Lagoon were going to be bricked. Imagine how thrilled everyone is with that prospect! No more slogging through mud (well past your ankles in some parts) during the rainy season!

The bricking work is rapidly proceeding on a number of the roads. The main road has been prepped all the way to the cemetery, the road by the basketball court and the last east/west road north of the municipal wharf are just about finished being bricked.

Correction (Jul 9/13): The main road is only prepped as far as the Moravian Church - not all the way to the cemetery as written above.

It's hard going for these guys - working a lot of the time in the driving rain. Also, most of the work is being done by hand - moving bricks and dirt in wheelbarrows. Everyone appreciates their hard work and are looking forward to the completion of the project.

East of the basketball court linking up to Front Street

Preparing the sides for the cement

Edging has been completed near the Alcaldia