Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How is Pancho?

Pancho eating a mango (note his "featherhawk"
Quite often we are asked, "How is Pancho?" As, many of you are aware our little chocoyo, Pancho, suffered an injury in May wherein he lost part of his scalp. If you haven't read the story you can read it under, Living in a community where there is no vet.

At the time that it happened we weren't sure whether Pancho would be able survive with his injury - after all his skull was exposed. We soon realized that Pancho was a determined little bird and even an injury like he had wasn't going to keep him down. Within a very short time he was back to his chirpy old self and even for a while sported a "featherhawk" as his feathers were a little wild around his injury.

After a recent birdbath we noticed that there seemed to be some "skin" growing on his head and we wondered if it would eventually grow some feathers.

As the days go by his wound is becoming less apparent and although his head doesn't look as "smooth" as it was before the accident it is looking better and better all the time. Pancho has discovered a new love in life - mangoes! It's very likely that he always liked mangoes but he wouldn't eat the little pieces that we would put in his cage. No! he was holding out for the real thing - he has to have a whole mango to himself!

Pancho's head wound

Now, if we can get him to stop plucking out his chest feathers!

Pancho enjoying some time outside