Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm seeing spots before my eyes - What do I do now?

On the panga. Notice the worry - or is it the wind?
One day I noticed that I had a black spot that was floating around in my right eye. The next day there seemed to be more. And on the third day even more of them! What I feared most was that my eye problem was a complication of my Diabetes - though Debbie told me it was more likely to be related to old age.  Since I was really concerned about the spots in my eye I took a trip to the clinic here in Pearl Lagoon. They said there was nothing they could do for me and referred me to an Ophthalmologist in Bluefields - Dr. Horell Marti Úbeda López.
Doctors Office
Now I was really worried! So, bright and early the next morning I took the panga into Bluefields and prepared for a long day of waiting. Arriving in Bluefields at 7:30 I had a long wait until the doctor's office opened at 2 pm. Yes, I could have taken a later boat but I wanted to make sure I got to Bluefields without a problem (see our post about being stranded in the Lagoon). When I arrived in Bluefields the first thing I did was to locate the doctor's office. Since it is on a main street it was easy to find - the office sign was visible and had the phone number on it. I phoned to see if I could get an appointment to see the doctor that afternoon; again this was no problem. Unlike the doctors in big cities where you have to make an appointment, sometimes weeks in advance,  this doctor could see me that very afternoon. All I had to do was show up at 2:00 pm.
Finally 2:00 pm arrived and I was sitting on the doctors step anxiously waiting for the door to open. I was happy to find that the doctor spoke English and we were able to communicate easily . His office had all the modern equipment that was necessary to check my eyes. First he checked my glasses to see if the prescription was still good and thankfully they still are. Next, he performed a number of diagnostic tests to test the health of my eyes. The final test was to put some drops in my eyes so that he could determine whether or not my eyes were damaged due to Diabetes. You can imagine my relief when he said that everything was OK. There were no holes or tears in the retina and no deterioration due to Diabetes.
Through the years, I've had many visits with ophthalmologists and I must say that my visit with Dr. Úbeda was just as professional as any I had in Canada. How much did his services cost? Only 300 Cordoba's ($12.61Cdn)

Here is his contact information:
Dr. Horell Maril Úbeda López
Barrio Punta Fria Frente a C.I.D.C.A.
Bluefields, R.A.A.S.
Telephone:  25722414   cell: 88512421
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Sign for office
While wandering around Bluefields I saw a excellent use
for shipping containers