Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Nicaraguan "story" is published on is a website designed to help people decide where and when they would like to retire. They focus on retirement in 6 different countries - Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Malaysia, Nicaragua and Panama.

The website has information in regard to cost of living, infrastructure, internet, visa requirements and climate for each of these countries. I'm sure you would agree that this is information we are all interested in when we are looking to move to a new country. Besides country specific info they also provide general information on retirement such as financial planning, retirement planning tools, retirement jobs, hobbies and much more!

What I like about this site is that they encourage "real life" stories - they want your take on what life is like for an expat (good and bad) in your retirement country of choice.

Our written submission about moving to and living in Nicaragua has just been published - you can read about it here: Living in Nicaragua and loving it

Awas, Nicaragua