Monday, July 22, 2013

Pearl Lagoon takes aim at mosquitoes!

fogging the exterior for mosquitoes
I've always hated mosquitoes. Mainly because they've always liked me. I am always the one that gets bit - they ignore Pat and head straight for me! Mosquitoes carry a number of serious and potentially fatal diseases including dengue and malaria which are very common in Nicaragua. There have been 1,543 reported cases of dengue and 4 deaths so far this year due to dengue. So, I wasn't too sorry when I heard that the town of Pearl Lagoon had decided to visit all the barrios and KILL the mosquitoes.

We've seen the procedure a number of times when we lived in León - a couple of men walk around the homes with a "fogger" filled with insecticide or some ladies stop by and sprinkle some powder into any standing water you have on your property.  The method here in Pearl Lagoon is a little bit different in that they not only fog the outside areas but they also enter your home and fog inside too. This is a logical step since most homes here don't have any screens on their windows and the houses are filled with mosquitoes.

In preparation for the treatment we made sure that all food was safely stored away in the refrigerator and that all dishes were tucked away in the cupboards. Also, we moved Pancho outside so that he didn't become a casualty of the poison. Although the procedure itself took less than 5 minutes but we had to stay out of the house for at least 20 minutes to allow for the smoke to dissipate. When we re-entered the house there was still a very strong chemical smell and so we set the fan on to clear out our bedroom before it was time to go to bed.

fogging the interior of the house

the house is filled with "smoke"

smoke still pouring out the windows

What are some practical steps you can take to prevent yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes?

Using mosquito repellent is a good step but you may not want to be wearing it all the time - especially if you are just relaxing in your home. When we moved into this house in Pearl Lagoon we purchased a roll of nylon screen material in Bluefields and put it up on all of our windows using a glue gun to affix it to the window frame. We also decided to have screen doors made so that we could have the nice cool morning and evening breezes without having to worry about mosquitoes and flies. Granted, our landlord didn't cover these expenses but we feel that for our own peace of mind and comfort it was money well spent. Another important step in preventing mosquito bites is to sleep with a mosquito net. We were able to purchase one here in Pearl Lagoon for less than 300 cordobas but I understand they are cheaper in Bluefields or Managua.

Queen size mosquito net for our bed

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