Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tourist Visa Renewal in Bluefields, Nicaragua

Migracion y Extranjeria in Bluefields, Nicaragua
Can you believe that it was time for us to renew our visas again?

When we first moved to the Atlantic Coast I was worried that we would have to return to Managua to renew our visas - a very time consuming and expensive proposition. Not looking forward to such a trip we started asking around to see if it was possible to extend our visas closer to home. We were told that all we had to do was head to Bluefields and they had an office there where we could get our renewal done in a matter of minutes.

So, today was the day to see if the information we were given was correct. After a couple of days of almost steady rain we took the 6:30 a.m. panga from Pearl Lagoon to Bluefields under clear skies - well, ok, there were black clouds in the distance but we managed the trip without a shower. Once we arrived in Bluefields and hitting the bank we took a taxi to the "Immigration Office" (12 cords each). When we arrived at the office the clerk reminded us that we needed photocopies of the data page of our passport as well as the page that has our "Entrada" or entrance into the country. Thankfully, there is a store a short distance away where we could get copies done at only 1 cordoba per page. When we returned to the office the clerks filled out our forms. We actually felt it was easier when we filled them out ourselves, but the service was nice. After paying our fee we only had to wait a few minutes and our passports were ready to go. I'm guessing that it took less than 1/2 hour to complete the process - pretty good compared to the time it takes in Managua. The costs are the same: 1500 cordobas for 90 days extension plus 5 cords for the form (each).

After completing a few errands and picking up some supplies that we can't get in Pearl Lagoon we were on the 12 o'clock panga back home. Renewing your Tourist Visa in Bluefields is a very quick and easy process.

View of Bluefields, Nicaragua from the panga