Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An afternoon at Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

swimming - Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua
Ever since we started researching Nicaragua - both as a tourist destination and as a place to retire to - we have wanted to visit Laguna de Apoyo. The idea of swimming in the crater of an extinct volcano was intriguing to us.

Finally, last Saturday, we had an opportunity to visit the Laguna de Apoyo with some friends. The day started off bright and sunny, but as the afternoon approached rain clouds arrived and we weren't sure if a trip to the Lagoon was a good idea. However, determined to finally check it out we piled into the back of our friends truck and in spite of a light shower we drove out of Granada and headed to the waters. After a short ride from Granada we arrived at the rim of the extinct volcano and made our descent down to the water. The descent is quite steep so we were happy to be traveling by truck - I would hate to have to walk back up that hill! As you head downwards you catch glimpses of the water below.

kayaking - Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua
Once you arrive at the bottom you will find a number of accommodations and restaurants that will allow you to use their facilities either for a fee or require you to eat/drink at their establishments. Our friends headed along the street to a place called Apoyo Beach Restaurant. It really is no more than tiered table seating where you can order some food and drink and enjoy some time in the water. We opted for a table down near the waters edge, ordered some drinks and started to relax.

Even though the sun wasn't shining we did manage to spend a little bit of time in the water - which was cooler than I expected. Our friends had though ahead and brought a game for us to play and so we were able to while away a couple of hours enjoying the beautiful view.

Before we knew it the afternoon was fading and it was time to head home. As we were leaving the waiter asked us if we could take a couple of extra passengers up to the top - this is a very common request since the slope is so steep and there are few options to get to the top. So, we all hopped into the back of the truck, climb back up to the rim. Our passengers offered a cheery adios as we drove back to Granada.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Rachel, Pat and Charlie at Laguna de Apoyo

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