Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting your laundry done in Granada, Nicaragua

Besides death and taxes, another thing you can't escape is dirty laundry. Whether you are on vacation or trying to get your laundry done during rainy season one great option to eliminate this problem is taking your laundry to a local Lavanderia.

While visiting here in Granada we found a great local laundry service. This location, on Calle La Libertad, is self service as well as having the option of dropping off your laundry and picking it up a few hours later. We also noticed that they have an option that they will pickup your laundry for free - so you don't even need to trudge through town carrying your dirty clothes!

We took our clothes there at 9:00 a.m. and they were ready by noon. After months of drying our laundry on the clothesline it was a real pleasure to have nice fluffy, soft towels - and they smelled so good too!

Do you want to use this service the next time you are in Granada, Nicaragua? Here is the address:

La Lavanderia - del Parque Central 2 cuadras al Lago, Calle La Libertad
Telephone: 2552-0018