Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Favorite Bread in Pearl Lagoon

Miss Tina
Yum - hot, fresh bread, straight from the oven. Who can resist it? I know we can't.

Fresh bread is easy to find here in Pearl Lagoon. Many families here bake their own bread as part of their weekly routine. We could too since we have enjoyed making bread in the past. However, we have decided we would rather leave that task for the professionals!

 The Coconuts Delight Bakery - on Front Street - makes very good bread and at 30 cords a loaf it's a great price. We've enjoyed their bread and rolls on many occasions. But, in our opinion, you can't beat Miss Tina's hot, fresh bread for taste or price.

Miss Tina tells us that she has been making bread for over 20 years now. Every afternoon you will find her and her helper shaping 200 rolls from the mounds of bread dough that she had prepared earlier in the day. Would you prefer to have a loaf of bread? No problem. Just tell her before she has finished shaping the dough and she will prepare as many loaves as you require. Miss Tina doesn't start baking the bread until late in the afternoon and so by about 6:30 p.m. your fresh bread will be ready to pick up and take home. How much do these goodies cost? The rolls are only 5 cords each and you can get a whole loaf for only 20 cords.

Miss Tina and helper making "bread"
Loaves of bread baking in Miss Tina's oven - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

FYI:  If you ask for a "bun" in Pearl Lagoon they will sell you a sweetened roll. The small rolls that Miss Tina and others sell are called "breads".

Fresh rolls ready for some butter!

So... by now I'm sure you are asking - Where is Miss Tina's home bakery? From the Basketball Court (La Concha) walk about 1/2 way to Casa Blanca (west). On the right side of the road you will come to a small shop with veggies for sale. 

Small store selling veggies - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

Miss Tina's is behind the store, take your first right behind the store and follow the path to the back. If you aren't sure - just ask or follow your nose!

Take pathway behind the veggie store

You will find Miss Tina working hard baking bread every evening.