Friday, August 9, 2013

Pancho is famous! - Friday Lens Affair #30

Recently, we submitted one of our pictures to Marysia at My Travel Affairs Travel Blog to be considered for her Friday Lens Affair feature. Unfortunately, the original picture wasn't suitable because of it's size but she found a picture on our Facebook page that she liked. We were thrilled to hear back from her and to find out that the picture of Pancho hanging on the clothesline outside of our house in León - plus a little write-up - were scheduled to be posted on her Friday Lens Affairs page on August 9th 2013.

Here is the picture that she liked:


This picture of Pancho was taken while we were still living in León so it doesn't show the crazy featherhawk that he has since his accident in May. Isn't he a handsome bird!

Check out the story at: My Travel Affairs: Friday Lens Affair #30