Friday, September 6, 2013

A walk in Central Park - Bluefields, Nicaragua

Central Park-Bluefields, Nicaragua
Every month we spend some time in Bluefields - picking up some money, buying stuff we can't get here in Pearl Lagoon, etc.  Not being real shop-a-holics we are always looking for things to do to while away a few hours until we can return on the panga.  On this last venture into Bluefields, after running around for a couple of hours, we decided it was time to take a break. On a previous visit Pat had discovered a local park and so we headed off to find the Central Park across from the Palacio Municipal.

Although the park isn't very big in terms of size we found it to be a very enjoyable spot to sit and relax with a nice cold pop. There are a couple of small stores where you can buy some treats and take them and sit under a nice shady tree. Speaking of the trees - some of them appear to be very old because their trunks are massive!

Along one side of the park you will find a wall with murals that depict the heritage of the inhabitants of the area - there is also a list of the "founding" mothers and fathers.

Do you have children? Do they need to run off some steam? They will love to play on the swings, slides and climbing equipment.

Swings-Central Park, Bluefields, Nicaragua

Climbing Equipment - Central Park, Bluefields, Nicaragua

Are you looking for a few quiet moments to yourself - maybe to people watch, read a book or just to sit and relax? Find one of the many benches, sit down and enjoy!

Directions: This park is across from the Palacio Municipal. One block north from Tip Top Restaurant.