Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bush Medicine - The Leaf of Life

Leaf of Life
Taking Bush medicine is a common practice here on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. This isn't the "witch-doctor" type of medicine common in some places but, rather, traditional medicine using leaves and plants.

For the past few months Pat has had a cough. It reminds us of the cough he used to get when we lived in Southern Ontario - his annual allergy cough. He has been ignoring it and it has been getting worse. On Saturday he finally broke down and decided to visit the Clinic here in Pearl Lagoon - but, guess what? The Clinic is only open for emergencies on the weekend and so he came home without seeing a doctor.

It was suggested to him that he try a local leaf (Bush medicine) to try and bring some relief to his cough. He decided to give it a try - so the hunt was on for some "Leaf of Life" which is found in many backyards in Pearl Lagoon. A neighbor was found to have a plant and he gave Pat enough leaves for two days. He was instructed to blend two leaves with some lime and salt and drink it down. Not one to follow directions, he made a slightly different mixture. He took two leaves and blended them with a little orange juice and some Concentrate of Borojo (a local fruit full of vitamins). After just two treatments there was a noticeable change in his cough. He wasn't coughing as much and it was "wetter" - I guess loosening up the "phlegm".

Although his cough hasn't disappeared it is definitely better. We will be searching out some more information on this particular "Bush medicine" and he will likely continue his treatment.

Concentrate of Borojo

Leaf of Life mixture ready to be processed

Bush Medicine ready to be processed
Bush medicine - ready to drink