Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Buying Beef in Pearl Lagoon

Chopping up the beef
I'll start off by moaning - It was far easier to buy beef back home! All I had to do was walk along the refrigerated case and displayed before me were different, recognizable cuts of beef - steaks in all their varieties, brisket, short ribs, roasts - all neatly packaged and labelled. Oh, how I miss those days!

Since our move to Pearl Lagoon we have been eating only ground beef - the reason being that it comes is 1 lb frozen packages. That changed this week. We passed by a shop that was busily "chopping" up a recently slaughtered cow. This started a conversation about how we miss eating beef and wouldn't it be nice to have some.... Since we were going in the opposite direction of home we didn't buy any meat but the idea had been planted....

Later in the morning I found a fellow selling some beef - carrying it around town in a large plastic can on a wheel barrow. I took a look at it and it was still fresh and there was no smell so I inquired how much per pound - only 40 cords per pound ($1.65 CDN).  I took out two pounds of meat and hurried home to put it in the fridge.

So far, our experience with Nicaraguan beef hasn't been that successful -  it can be pretty tough.  So I looked up a marinade to try and "tenderize" it and put the cubed meat in to soak. Even with marinating over night we found the beef chewy - not one of our favorite meals that we've had here. I still have another pound of meat in the freezer and have decided that a "slow" cooking method might make it more tender - so I will likely put it in the slow-cooker and hope that the electricity doesn't go out! If that doesn't work I guess we'll be sticking with ground meat!

Chopping up the beef in Pearl Lagoon

Garlic Beef with rice and carrots