Sunday, September 8, 2013

Can you receive mail in Pearl Lagoon?

Post office in Bluefields, Nicaragua
Have you ever been in a situation where you just had to receive some mail - maybe a new credit card? Back home in Canada this was a simple situation. The credit card company would just send your new card through Canada Post and within a few days it would be at your doorstep.

Receiving mail in Nicaragua isn't quite that easy. While we were living in León, Nicaragua we came into a situation where we needed to have an updated credit card mailed to us. Fortunately, some friends of ours had a mailbox and so we were able to have it mailed to them and we received it with no problems.

Now that we are living in Pearl Lagoon (where there is no Post office) we had to re-think our options about receiving mail from home. One option is that we could wait for someone to visit us and have them bring the mail - but that could take a long time. Another option we thought of was to explore the possibility of getting our own Post Office box. Since we regularly go to Bluefields to pull out cash from the bank we decided to see if we could rent a box there.

Surprisingly, we found that it was very easy to rent a Post Office box - we didn't need to have a Cedula or even show our Passport. All we had to do was fill out a form with all of our pertinent data (name, address, phone number), indicate who would be receiving mail, and pay the annual rental fee (C$380 or just less than $16.00 CDN). Within 5 minutes we had our key in hand and were the proud owners of PO Box #BL-005!

The post office in Bluefields is located 2 blocks east of Central Park.