Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Did you know that Pearl Lagoon has a radio station?

Pearl Lagoon has it's own place on the FM dial

Radio Caribbean Pearl 91.5 FM

This is what they say about themselves (taken from their website: Radio Caribbean)

Radio Caribbean Pearl, frequency of 91.5 FM,  is an intercultural community radio station. Our programming is based on education development, and rescuing and promoting the cultural activities of the different communities of Pearl Lagoon. The radio contributes in strengthening  and developing the autonomy process of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua; uniting the communities of  the municipality of Pearl Lagoon in  multilingual, pluricultural and multiethnic diversity  through  participation of the community.

The Radio has a social and cultural commitment which is practiced daily and can be verified in their programs.

It is the  communication means by which   many of the surrounding  communities depend on to be informed,  because there is no other means whereby they can  hear  about socials events, climate changes,  good  health practices , conservation of the natural environment  and resources among others.

Want to keep up to day with what is happening in Pearl Lagoon? Then be sure to check out Radio Caribbean Pearl 91.5 FM!