Friday, September 27, 2013

Nicaragua's National Zoo

Amy Salton and Hayley McKleaine
Guest Post by: Amy Salton (visiting Nicaragua from Victoria, Australia)

Visiting a new country comes with many exciting new sights and experiences; the foods to try, a different culture to experience, the landscape and not to forget new and interesting species of animals you never knew existed. A Zoo affords you the opportunity to see animals that you may never get to see in the wild, so we decided to visit the Nicaragua National Zoo.

The Zoo is privately owned and as such, is always in need of funds to support its operation. They unabashedly charge an admission fee of 15 cords for locals and 100 cords for foreigners. You may balk at this, but putting it into perspective it is still only about $4.00 USD. There’s no zoo back home that I’m aware of that charges less than $15.00. So we were happy to pay for the privilege to enter.

Not too far in from the ticket office is a kiosk selling food, drinks and a few souvenirs, as well as the amenities.  We wandered our way through the Zoo along the mostly cemented pathways, taking the time to watch and enjoy the antics of the unusual creatures we’d not seen before. The layout of the park was quite pretty - there were seats to sit in front of some enclosures and many trees providing shade. There’s also the option of going through a butterfly house enclosure for an extra charge.

The signs on the enclosures describing the animals were all in Spanish. We could understand what most of them were saying but later thought that it would have been nice to have a booklet in English with a map and a translation of the enclosure signs. Since it’s a tourist attraction we would have liked to have seen it be a little more foreigner friendly. After our visit we took a look at their website and seeing that they welcome feedback we made this suggestion.

Overall it’s worth stopping by to have a look at what Nicaragua has to offer in the way of wildlife.

Why don't you come for a visit?

Important Info:
Nicaragua National Zoo is located at Kilometer 16 of the Managua-Masaya road. 
Opening hours: 
Tuesday-Sunday, from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (closed on Mondays)

(505) 279 8806 
(505) 279 8782

Enjoy some animal pictures from our day at the zoo:

(all pictures are courtesy of Amy Salton)