Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pancho has flown the coop!

Pancho enjoying the back yard
Pancho, that ever independent, little bird has decided to spread his wings and make his own nest in the trees of Pearl Lagoon.

It's our fault I guess - we've never kept him locked in his cage because we hated to see him frantically trying to get out. He was always happiest when he could maneuver his way inside to outside his cage and back again. Also, we would take him outside on a weekly basis so that we could clean his cage - we encouraged him to enjoy some time outdoors.

Up until this point we've only had one scary situation where Pancho decided to make a break for it - that was in early August. Pat had taken him outside to clean his cage and instead of hopping onto the grass as he usually did, he decided to fly off into the neighbours yard - 3 houses away. We had to go out for a couple of hours and so we couldn't chase him, but we figured he would have just kept flying away from us if we did. When Pat returned a couple of hours later
he checked in the back yard to see if Pancho had returned - no Pancho! I returned about an hour later and still no bird. I went into the back and called him but there was no answer.

After lunch I just had to go into the yard and try calling him again. Sure enough, I would call his name and there would be a little "chirp". Pat came out back and called "chickenhead" and all I could hear was this excited - "chirp, chirp, chirp". Pancho was close by. Pat put on his boots (it had been raining and we figured the neighbours yard would be muddy) while I kept calling Pancho. Just as Pat entered our neighbours back yard and slid into a small swamp Pancho flew out of some bushes towards me. He landed about 10 feet away on the other side of the fence. As I kept calling and Pancho answered, Pat got closer to the clump of bushes that Pancho had landed in. Finally, Pat located Pancho and put his finger out for the bird to climb onto. How do you think Pancho responded? - he bit Pat on the finger! After a second attempt Pat was able to get the bird to climb onto his finger and he brought him to me. Pancho was all shivery but seemed happy to be back home. We decided that even though it is common here for people to clip their birds wings we wouldn't do that to Pancho - even though we now knew he was able to fly.

So, what happened this time? Since we were out of town for a few weeks we had a couple of "bird sitters" lined up. Our friend Jean has been in the house a number of times and she was able to take care of Pancho for a couple of weeks. He seemed quite happy with the arrangement and went out of his way to stay up late and talk with her (until 10 pm from what we hear). Since Jean had to leave Pearl Lagoon too, we made arrangements for a few new friends to look after Pancho until we returned. Unfortunately, Pancho didn't know them and had a bit of a tantrum with lots of "squawking" and seemed quite agitated at the change in arrangements. As they were doing some laundry Pancho took advantage of an open door and flew away and hasn't come back.

Since we came back yesterday, we have been out calling him hoping that if he is near that he will come back. But, to no avail - not even a "chirp". We will miss the little guy and hope that he has found a mate or a new family to take care of him. We've enjoyed getting to know him and his quirky personality.

Pancho enjoying the view in the front yard