Thursday, September 12, 2013

Support a local community - Wawashang Store - Bluefields, Nicaragua

Recently, while waiting for the panga to Bluefields we found out about a small store that supports a local community called Wawashang. Actually, we were told that they sell terrific, ground coffee for only C$80 a pound - humm, great coffee for so little? We're in!

The little store has no real signage but we were given good directions so it was easy to find. Unfortunately, they were all out of coffee but we did find some other great products. On the shelf they had a gallon of Coconut Oil for C$380 as well as smaller bottles that would make good gifts (sorry, I didn't look at the price). There was some cocoa powder, pineapple marmalade, plantain flour and some Borojo concentrate (a local fruit).

We were told that the products available are dependent on the season and can change frequently. Here is a list of the products that you can buy from this store:

  • Palmito de Pejibaye (Baby Palmetto)
  • Aceite de Coco (Coconut Oil)
  • Caramelo de Jengibre (Ginger Candy)
  • Cacao molido (Ground Cocoa)
  • Jalea de Maracuya (Passion Fruit Jam)
  • Jalea de Borojo (Borojo Jam)
  • Mermelada de Naranja Agria (Sour Orange Marmalade)
  • Jengibre en Polvo (Ginger Powder)
  • Canela en Polvo (Cinnamon Powder)
  • Curcuma en Polvo (Tumeric Powder)
  • Chocolates
  • Galletas de Jengibre (Ginger Cookies)
  • Chilero y Chilero molido (I think this is a Chili sauce or Ground Chili)
  • Harina de Banano (Banana Flour)
  • Vinagre de Banano (Banana Vinegar)
  • Achiote
  • Coco de Agua y mas productos (Coconut water)
  • Wawashang T-Shirts, mugs

The proceeds from the sale of the items benefit the resident's of Wawashang - so you know your money is going to support a great cause.

How to find the Wawashang store: When you exit the wharf, where the panga comes from Pearl Lagoon, turn left when you get to where the road is a T. Follow this street until you reach the corner seen below - in front of you, on both corners, are "Claro" buildings. If you were to turn left you would enter the Municipal Market. However, at this point you want to turn right. The Wawashang Store is on our left, just a few doors past the corner.