Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We found Pancho!

Pancho enjoying the beach in Awas
You will never believe it - but Pancho has been found! As you may recall from a previous posting (Pancho has flown the coop!) our pet chocoyo decided to escape from his "birdsitters" while we were in El Salvador. When we returned I called for him for a couple of days thinking that if he was nearby that he would return to us. When he didn't come back we hoped that he had found a new family (bird or human) and that he was happy but secretly I thought that he had died.

Last week when I was visiting a family in Awas I could hear some "chirping" from inside their house and asked them if they had a chocoyo. Miss Ildelia told me that her nephew had found the bird about a month ago in the rice field out by the road to Raitipura (right about the time that Pancho went missing). I asked if I could see him and told her the sad story about loosing Pancho and how we miss him. The room that the bird was in was quite dark and it was hard to get a look at him. My friend and I had a good laugh because of the way he was acting. We kept saying - Oh, it has to be a boy - he acts just like Pancho!

This morning I went back out to visit Miss Ildelia and Mr Orlando and this time the bird was outside on the wooden railing. As soon as I saw him I knew - it was Pancho! This bird had the same plucked chest and the same bald spot on the head! After a little coaxing he was back on my finger - happy as could be.

So - now we have a little problem. His new family really like him. They run a small tourist business and they like to show Pancho off to the tourists. Also, Pancho now has waterfront living - will he want to come home?Pat and I have decided that we will have to find a replacement for him so that we can bring Pancho back home.

Debbie with Pancho - Awas, Nicaragua

Mr Orlando and Miss Ildelia with Pancho - Awas, Nicaragua