Sunday, October 6, 2013

A morning without coffee is like a day without....

Coffee grounds
We learned long ago that, for us, coffee in the morning is a necessity! It gets the body going, the mind sharpens - I'm sure you get the picture. So, when we moved to Nicaragua we made sure that we had the means to make coffee even if the electricity goes out.  We had no idea how much we would appreciate such foresight!

There have been many mornings here in Pearl Lagoon when we have started the day without electricity. If we had to rely on a coffee pot that required electricity to brew a cup, then we would be in poor shape.  However, we have our trusty percolator, that as long as we have gas for cooking - or wood for that matter - we can have our coffee to get the morning going.

There is another challenge to getting our morning brew - at this point it is impossible to find ground coffee here in Pearl Lagoon. For some reason they prefer "instant" coffee. So, on our monthly trips to Bluefields we ensure that we pick up at least 3 packages of coffee. There isn't much choice in coffee brands in Bluefields so when we want some really "good" coffee we have to buy it when we are in Managua.

So.... if you are coming to Pearl Lagoon, and having a good cup of coffee is important to you, don't forget to bring some type of percolator and a bag or two of ground coffee!