Thursday, October 24, 2013

English Speaking Doctor in Bluefields, Nicaragua

Pat just hasn't been feeling that great the last little while. He has visited the Clinic here in Pearl Lagoon and received treatment for parasites - a very common ailment in these parts - and some pills for his cough. Well, nothing really changed - he wasn't feeling any better and so he decided a trip to see a doctor he'd heard about in Bluefields was in order.

So, this past Monday we took an early morning panga to Bluefields. We stopped by the Clinic where Dr. Harold Bacon works only to be told that he wouldn't be in until the afternoon. No problem, we had some shopping to do and figured that even if Pat didn't see the doctor until 2:30 - 3:00 pm that we could still make the 4:00 pm panga back to Pearl Lagoon.

When we arrived at the Clinic in the afternoon we found out that the front desk clerk was mistaken and that Dr. Bacon wasn't planning to come in that afternoon. However, after contacting Dr. Bacon by phone and a short conversation with Pat the doctor said that he would come in and take a look at Pat.

After an examination Dr. Bacon determined that a number of tests were needed. An ultrasound and EKG were quickly performed. Due to the results of the ultrasound, Dr. Bacon consulted with a resident Internal Medicine Specialist and they suggested that some lab tests and an ex-ray would be necessary to better determine what Pat's problems were. In order for all of this to be done we were required to stay overnight in Bluefields - the blood work needed to be performed before Pat had eaten any breakfast.

So, bright and early on Tuesday morning we arrived at the Clinic for the Lab Technician to draw two vials of blood. We were told to get some breakfast and return for 9:00 am so that we could go to the hospital to have the ex-ray taken. When we arrived back at the Clinic, Dr. Bacon put us in a taxi, along with a guide, and off we went to the hospital. Our guide took us to the Ex-ray Department, handed in Pat's "order" and then left us to wait for his turn. Within an hour we were back at the Clinic with the ex-ray in hand for Dr. Bacon to take a look at. He told us to return in the afternoon when all the lab results would be ready and we could have another consultation with the Specialist.

Although we aren't happy with what the medical tests have indicated - we couldn't be more than happy with the excellent care and treatment by Dr. Bacon and his staff. Dr. Bacon went out of his way to ensure that we got around town safely and navigated the public hospital system without a problem. From what we can tell the equipment at the Clinic was modern and the staff operating it were very knowledgeable. The costs for the tests were very reasonable - they won't break the bank!

  • Ultrasound - 400 cordobas ($16.67 CDN)
  • Medical exam and EKG - 1,100 cordobas ($45.84 CDN) which included 2 consults with the Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Laboratory Tests - 1,830 ($76.52 CDN) 9 different lab tests were completed
  • Ex-Ray - no charge because it was completed at the public hospital

Before we left Dr. Bacon's office he gave us all exam results and the ex-ray to take with us to any doctors we may see in the future.

Are you on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua and need to see a doctor? You can find Dr. Bacon's clinic across from the main Claro building (near Gallo mas Gallo). The official address is: Clinica Bacon, Avenida Estrada, contiguo BANCENTRO.