Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fallout from improved electrical wiring in Pearl Lagoon

Electric Bill before Improvements
In May 2013 we wrote a blog about the road and electrical improvements here in Pearl Lagoon (New Wiring and Graded Roads for Pearl Lagoon). Everyone was all excited, expecting great things - days on end without loss of electricity, but what has been the reality?

Sad to say, here in Pearl Lagoon we are still experiencing a LOT of power outages. For example, last week we had two full days when the lights were out. One would think that with this lack of electricity there would be a reduction in our energy costs - but that hasn't been the case. Our electric bill has more than doubled - we have heard similar stories from many of our neighbours. Some store owners that we have talked to are facing a dilemma.  They are trying to figure out how to keep costs down and still make a living. With their electricity costs more than doubled many feel that they are only in business to pay for their electricity consumption. Just like the stores at home they have to have two fridges for the different cold products - one for Coke and one for Pepsi. We know of at least one store owner that has had to decide to supply their customers with a more limited choice of products rather than carry the extra cost of two fridges.

It's interesting to note that our electricity bills in León were in the 300 cordoba range. We had ceiling fans in each room that were almost always on. Here in Pearl Lagoon we have one fan that is usually run mainly during the night. Other than that all of our appliances are the same.

Claims have been made to the company responsible for providing electricity, but many feel that there will be little satisfaction - I guess time will tell.

Electric Bill after Improvements