Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pancho is being held for ransom!

Chocoyo with no name
You may recall that in a crazy twist of events we found our lost chocoyo, Pancho, enjoying life beachfront in Awas, Nicaragua (read about it: We found Pancho).

Originally, the plan was that we would find another chocoyo and make a trade, but we weren't able to find one for sale. We mentioned to Pancho's new family that we would be willing to pay some money for him in exchange - so we found out what the going price was to buy chocoyos. Generally, a baby bird would cost about 150-200 cordobas ($8.00 US) which we felt was a fair price to pay to get Pancho back. Well, in discussion with the family that is looking after him we were told that the man that found Pancho wants $20.00 US in order to get him back!

We couldn't believe it! We told the family that we thought that was too much money to ask for and that we weren't prepared to pay that much money to get him back - we would just have to visit him at their place.

Another twist in the story came tonight - a friend of ours was able to get a chocoyo for us. This poor little guy has arrived tired and cranky. We were warned that he bites - so I guess Pancho isn't unique in that way!
We hope to make an exchange for Pancho later this week. In the meantime, we'll have to try and sweeten this little guy up!