Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Restaurant with no name in Pearl Lagoon

Restaurant beside Western Union - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua
Imagine - 5 hungry people returning to their favourite dining establishment only to find it locked up tight! No smells of food cooking, no laughter, no music - no nothing.... What to do?

Well, there is always our second choice for the evening - so off we go..... Only to find out that the cook is feeling sick and there won't be any more food coming out of the kitchen this evening..... (glad we hadn't put in our order yet)

Hummm, what to do - where to go? As we strolled along Front Street we came across the "new" restaurant by the Western Union store. There is no sign outside so we've always just called it the "new" one. It has been open since the baseball series in March but we have never eaten there - we had heard that it had become more like a place to have drinks and hang out than a restaurant.

Well, let me tell you, it is far more than a bar and is well worth putting on your list of "must eats" in Pearl Lagoon. Although the food is a little pricier than other restaurants in town the quality makes it well worth a visit. Also, if it's beer you want, a cold Toña will only set you back 20 cords - less than a dollar a bottle!

Three in our party ordered different fish plates (170 cords a plate) and the other two ordered the Garlic Shrimp (180 cords). All meals were delicious! Each of the fish plates came with a medley of veggies that we haven't seen anywhere else in Pearl Lagoon. The veggie medley included green beans, baby corn, mushroom caps, and broccoli! The meal also had a side of french fries.

Garlic Fish dinner at  Restaurant - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

The Garlic Shrimp was also a treat with a heaping plate full of large shrimp, tostones, rice and a garnish of tomato, onion topped with a slice of jalapeño.
Garlic Shrimp at  Restaurant - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua
So, even though this restaurant is still nameless to us, we highly recommend it to you - you won't be disappointed!

You will find the "new" restaurant on Front Street. It is located to the right of the Western Union and will almost be in front of you as you exit the Municipal Wharf.