Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Maleku Tours - Liberia, Costa Rica

Tempisque River Boat Tours
When we originally booked our tickets through Air Miles we were scheduled to fly on Sunday, December 11th and transfer to Nicaragua by bus on the following day. However, Air Canada contacted us to inform us that they had cancelled our flight and we had the choice of leaving Halifax on Friday, December 9th or the following week on the 15th. Since we had already booked our Tica Bus tickets we opted to leave sooner, rather than later. With leaving two days earlier it meant that we had time to book a tour and enjoy what Costa Rica has to offer.  We decided on the Palo Verde Jungle Tour.


We contacted Maleku Tours for airport pickup and also to take the Palo Verde Jungle Tour. Since we have used them before for transfers to the Riu Guanacaste we were not surprised when they responded quickly to our email request and all our arrangements were in place in no time at all.

Airport pickup went smoothly as they were waiting for us as we exited the airport. We were surprised to have personalized service with Eugenia and chatted all the way to the hotel catching up on what has been happening in the area over the last few years.

The following day Eugenia met us at 7:30 for our day tour to Palo Verde followed by lunch at Rancho Los Coyotes. All arrangements went smoothly. We had exceptional wildlife viewing on the Tempisque River with iguanas, crocodiles and birds galore.

After the boat tour, Eugenia located Howler monkeys for us and stopped for us to take pictures of them. By chance, the location that she stopped the van was along the route that the troupe used to cross the road and we were able to take some amazing shots of a mama howler and her baby.

Lunch at Rancho Los Coyotes was delicious and was ready as soon as we arrived. Before we left the Rancho some local artisans showed us how they make pottery - truly beautiful works of art that can be purchased right on site.

If you are in the Liberia area, we highly recommend using Maleku Tours – you will truly receive excellent service. https://www.malekutours.com/