Friday, December 30, 2016

Tica Bus Pickup in Liberia, Costa Rica

Pulmitan Station in Liberia, Costa Rica
As we wrote previously, we were surprised how simple it was to buy our Tica Bus tickets online. The next step of course was using them.

In communication with Tica Bus we confirmed that the location for pickup had changed since the last time we had travelled this route. With the construction of the overpass, the new pickup spot was at the Pulmitan Bus Terminal. The rep from Tica Bus wasn’t able to give me the direction for the terminal but confidently told me that all the taxis know where it’s located. Not being one to leave such an important detail to chance I was able to get a Google map to show the location of the terminal by using the website: We tried to get information about what time the Tica Bus would arrive from the ticket & information booths inside the Pulmitan station, but they weren’t helpful at all and of course spoke no English.

Interior of Pulmitan Terminal

Our tickets were booked on the 6:00 am bus out of San Jose which meant that it arrived in Liberia between 10:00-10:30 am. Our bus pulled right into the terminal, but we know that at times when the bays are full it will pull into the lot across the street from the terminal and load the bus from there. There wasn’t an assistant on the bus for our trip who usually would collect the border fees, which meant that when we arrived at the border the bus driver arranged for a woman to take us to where we had to pay our exit tax. 

There are new ex-ray machines to examine your luggage which modernized the process, but we were still about 1 ½ hours at the border before getting on our way into Nicaragua.

We arrived in Granada about 3 pm and there were taxis at the drop off point to take us to the hotel. Our taxi driver wanted $10.00 US to take us to where we were staying, but we knew that this was way overpriced.  We had checked beforehand and had been told that the fare for the taxi is 10 Córdoba’s per person. Quite often they will charge for your luggage which should still have only cost us 50 cords. We agreed on 60 cords and in no time at all we were settling into our accommodations.

Pulmitan Terminal - Liberia, Costa Rica