Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Claro Mobile - Internet Packages to Keep Connected

Fortunately for us, we don't have to rely on the internet to work while we are here on Big Corn Island. Internet on the island is not the most reliable - especially for anyone looking to earn a living online, such as teaching English. However, we do like to stay connected and use the internet daily. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are all lifelines for us to our friends and family back home, but are of no use if we can't get online.

Some long term accommodations here on Big Corn Island come with a steady internet connection, but most don't. Getting connected on your mobile device then becomes imperative because you just can't rely on the free internet at the parks or the Culture House.

So... determining the best mobile internet package can be a challenge. About 3 times a week we get a message from Claro indicating that you can purchase 10 GB for only 30 cordobas which is a fantastic deal. However, you only have until midnight to consume the 10 GB.

Since we want to have access to the internet on a daily basis we have found that purchasing a weekly package works best for us. We currently are buying the package on Fridays because you get 5X your recarga - this means we have plenty of "bonos" for making phone calls. So. this is how it works for us: We visit the Claro store and put 140 cordobas on our phone. When we get the "confirmation emails" we select the 7 day internet option. Once that is processed, we usually get a message that says for 10 cordobas more we can purchase 500 MB by typing EXTRA to 8833. Therefore, for 140 cordobas we get 1.5 GB and 564 bonos for making phone calls. Mind you, we can only phone other Claro numbers with our bonos.

If you want to check out what the promotions that are available type *555# into your phone and you will get the following display.

When you select #1 you get the list of available internet packages: