Why the Crazy Parents Blog?

The Crazy Parents - Pat & Debbie Polden, August 2012
Hi, thanks for reading our blog. We are Pat and Debbie Polden - two Canadians who have decided to take early retirement, move to Nicaragua and volunteer.

We have started this blog to help other expats in their research to move to and live in Nicaragua. When we started researching for our move to Nicaragua we found very little day to day information on how much it would cost for us to live here, what daily life was like and how we could adapt to our new lifestyle. We hope that this blog will help to address these needs and help you discover what life in Nicaragua is like for an expat.

After two vacations in Nicaragua we have came to love the country and the people. Now that we have moved here we haven't finished exploring this beautiful country and we hope to include in this blog inexpensive travel options for the budget traveler. Since we don't have a car at our disposal, we will be using local transportation to get around which will give us an inside view of how to travel on a shoestring. Also, we know that there are many hidden gems in this amazing country and we hope to introduce you to some out-of-the-way places that you can enjoy.